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For new and experienced travel agents. The training and resources you need to enhance your travel business and personal professional development.

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Are you a travel agent who is ready to DOMINATE 2024? Learn the top techniques, marketing, sales, automation and more to gain new clients & grow your success.

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For New Travel Agents & Experienced Agents

Selecting the right travel company to partner with is one of the most important business decisions you will make. With Travel Agent Pro as your host agency, you will get the tools and support to elevate your travel business to a new level. Together with our consortia partner, Signature Travel Network, we are devoted to growing your business.

Sign up fee - $399
Promo for 2024 – Sign up for only $199

Monthly membership fees –

Keep 60% Commissions
$25 a month

Keep 70% Commissions
$40 a month

Keep 80% Commissions
$99 a month

Keep 90%* Commissions
$250 a month

Subagents available for $20 a month per subagent payable at same % as the lead member.

*Available for experienced agents only. Please inquire.

New Travel Agents

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a travel agent or you are considering a convenient and easy to operate home-based business, with the opportunity to earn additional income while being rewarded with exciting travel benefits, then Travel Agent Pro is the host agency for you!

You are new to the industry with us if:

  • You want to start a travel business for the fi rst time.
  • You have booked trips or cruises for family and friends in the past, but have not earned partner commissions.
  • You have traveled extensively, but have not earned partner commissions on your travel.
  • You are a business owner and wish to combine travel with your current business model.
  • You have not completed a Travel Agent training course.
Experienced Travel Agents

Are you an experienced travel agent looking for ways to increase your commission earnings, while reducing your monthly fees and overhead expenses? If you want all that without sacrifi cing quality support, technology, or marketing tools, look no further, Travel Planners International is the host agency for you!

You are an experienced agent with us if:

  • You have a commission statement or sales report verifying past or current travel sales.
  • You have a copy of your CLIA ID or IATAN ID Card (current or expired).
  • You have a W-2 or 1099 from any travel industry employer.
  • You have a copy of your CLIA certifi cation (ACC, MCC, ECC, or ECCS).
  • You have a copy of your travel agent certifi cation from The Travel Institute (TAP, CTA, CTC, or CTIE).
  • You have completed training from any school/ college/institution providing a training program in the travel and tourism fi eld.


Our Mission


Gain more HIGH quality ideal clients for NEXT LEVEL results. How to get 100s of new leads and how to find new clients!

Peace of mind

Feel more energized, productive, confident and organized - Get rid of the overwhelm!


Have systems in place that keep your business working without you and keep you living stress-free. Get the tools & techniques we use to create a marketing process that's working for you 24/7, day and night!

Stand Out

It's a crowded market place for travel agents! More new agents are being added everyday. We can help you stand out and above the crowd.

Why TravelAgentPro?

We Have the Experience.

We created TravelAgentPro from a true need in the industry. Consumers are getting smarter, and are no longer using large online travel agencies. They want local, personal & experienced agents. In addition, more people want to become travel agents than ever.

There are so many online training and marketing resources being created for travel agents from people who have little to no industry experience. If you research their agencies and true experience, they have few positive reviews, no reviews, or no actual experience being travel agents.

Personal & Business Development

With over 20 years of success in travel, we are here to help you upgrade and streamline your travel business.

We are here to help you GROW! We provide a foundation to your travel success through our courses and training. The blueprints and framework to your ongoing success. Whether you are just starting in travel as a new agent, you are an experienced agent, or you have a travel business with a team working under you, we are here to partner with you and help you realize GREATER success in travel.

Who is Behind TravelAgentPro?

Meet Our Owner

Lia on the news in Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City & Tulsa. And a regular guest travel speaker on NBC news.

Lia Vincent sits on several travel advisory boards, including American Airlines Vacations Advisory, Delta Vacations Emerging Leaders, Hilton All Inclusive, Marival Resorts and La Coleccion’s Think Tank. She is a regular guest travel speaker on NBC news, TravelAge West TrendSetters, Triple Platinum Agency with AIC / Hard Rock, Agents of Influence / Leading Allies, just to name a few.

Lia was recently featured on the first Travel Market Report MasterAdvisor program of 2023. This series is a 45-minute live session with TMR interviewing advisors on specific topics, and sharing their knowledge with other travel advisors.

Her top agency, Vincent Vacations, each year is ranked in the top 5 for sales with American Airlines - The only travel agency invited to host events at American Airlines Headquarters, including their annual retreat. Lia also owns and runs, and her Disney Agency, Magical Vacations is an EarMarked agency with Disney. In addition, she owns a Platinum agency with Apple Leisure Group, Diamond Elite with Delta Vacations, is a Preferred Sandals Agency, Diamond with AIC Hotel Group, just to name a few.

Our Travel Agent Playbook

secrets to your success

Your playbook to travel agent and travel business success. The landscape has completely changed for traditional travel agent marketing and how to be a successful travel agent. See our helpful articles on how to run a successful travel business and our travel agent success guides.

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Our Process

How We Help

Are you thinking about becoming a travel agent? Or are you currently a new to the industry agent, and want to learn more? Are you an experienced agent, but are ready for more growth? Maybe you are interested in learning new marketing techniques for social media in 2023. Whatever your reason, we are here to help!

Marketing Growth

Our efforts will help increase your lead flow and build your businesses, most of them have little or no cost.


Identify your perfect target clients for your niche and how to best brand and position yourself for them.


Marketing and sales strategy for your long term success. This is not an overnight, fly by night business. It takes time and commitment. Make sure you have the best strategies in place.

Business Consulting

With our 20+ years of success, we can guide you to long term success in your travel business.


Online marketing tools and turnkey email marketing programs, on-demand personalized one-to-one communications between advisors and clients, and more!

& More

Goal setting is so important. As well as client-process, selecting the best and most reputable host for your needs, running events, online video strategy and more.

See our helpful articles on how to become a travel agent and see our travel agent success guide:

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  11. Mentoring for New Agents - Best Questions to Ask Successful Agents
  12. Why Use Text Messaging - 96% of Text Messages are Read Within 3 Minutes
  13. Customer Relationship Management
  14. CRM Automation
  15. Automated Email Marketing for Travel Agents
  16. Best Ways for Travel Agents to Make Money - The Highest Paying Niches You Should Be Focused on for BIG Commissions
  17. How to Make Six Figures as an Independent Travel Agent
  18. How Much Money do Travel Agents Make
  19. Can you Make Money with your Travel Content?
  20. Lead Magnets
  21. What DOES It Take To Go Viral With Your Travel Content
  22. Marketing Touch Points
  23. What to do before you travel for the best Social Engagement
  24. The Role of a BDM, Business Development Manager
  25. New Client Consultation and Sales Tips
  26. Sales Tips for Working with New Clients
  27. How to Expand Your Sphere of Influence Online
  28. Seasonal Targeting is Your Friend
  29. Email Automation Ideas
  30. Post Trip Feedback - Asking for the Review
  31. Why Create a Blog Around Your Video Content
  32. Why Join TravelAgentPro
  33. Marketing Funnels
  34. Become a Better Digital Marketer
  35. ChatGPT
  36. Client Reviews
  37. Fortunes in Facebook Groups
  38. Create Credibility Online
  39. Difference between a marketing plan, marketing strategy, and marketing tactics
  40. Marketing Tactics for Travel Agents
  41. Learn from the Most Successful Travel Agents
  42. Social Media Content Ideas for Travel Agents
  43. Marketing Strategy for Travel Agents
  44. Marketing Plan for Travel Agents
  45. Community Based Marketing
  46. Opening Mission Statement / Your ELEVATOR PITCH
  47. Abundance Mindset
  48. Use Your FAM trips as a marketing tool
  49. Familiarization Trips 101 for Travel Agents
  50. Understanding Suppliers in the Travel Industry
  51. What happens during a basic client consultation
  52. What is a travel agent?
  53. Becoming a full-time travel agent
  54. Marketing Plan
  55. Keys to Success - What you need to be successful
  56. Get More Clients! How to Attract Your Ideal Clients
  57. Why Use Social Media to Market Yourself
  58. Why Build an Online Presence?
  59. How to Identify Your Niche
  60. Find Your Ideal Clients
  61. Identify your ideal clients
Your playbook to travel agent and travel business success. The landscape has completely changed for traditional travel agent marketing and how to be a successful travel agent.

Thank you Lia Vincent for everything you do! I love being a part of this amazing team!

Michelle Finney

Travel Agent

Thank you so much and can’t wait to see where my business goes this year!! 💜🎉 I couldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for all my clients, family and friends support over this past few years!

Kristen Eversole

Travel Agent

What started as a “side gig” has lead to a full-time career that I absolutely love 💕 🌟 I truly believe there is nothing like travel and I love what I do. I am SO thankful for everyone that has supported me and trusted me to help plan their adventures 🧳 🌟 I have made some awesome lifelong friends and look forward to traveling together 🌎

Lindsey Vera

Travel Agent

At this time last year this was a dream job. Now this once dream job is a successful reality! This was the best way to kickoff 2023 with an invite to the top 50 agents of 2022! I am so excited for 2023 travel! I love seeing your smiling faces traveling and enjoying this beautiful earth! 🌎🧳🥂

Kristin Williams

Travel Agent

It is so wonderful when you get to work with some really great people. A big thank you to all of you in this group, everyone that has booked with me, and all the people who refer their friends and family to me who made it possible. I appreciate you all so much! 🍾 🥂

Katherine Milam

Travel Agent

Best job ever! I never knew I could have this much fun doing what I love!

Dawnisha Knight-Hall

Travel Agent

My agency makes sure we are well educated in all things travel and having fun! I love it when I get to spend time with my travel team!

Kelley Huff

Travel Agent

I’m so thankful I took the leap and joined the TAP Team….Fantastic company, fantastic training, fellow agents and so much fun! Looking forward to 2023!

Marla Finley

Travel Agent

It’s been over a year now since I fully switched careers and I couldn’t be happier. I am thankful for those who have helped me grow this dream job into a reality and the support my TAP family has given me! Thank you to everyone who has trusted me to help with their vacations, it truly is my passion! ✈️ 🏝️

Heather Huber

Travel Agent

Lots of trips already on the books for 2023!! Here's to a fantastic year of exploring the world with our one precious life! 🥂🌎

Whitney Jackson

Travel Agent